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MHAW 2020: A message from our Chair.

Hi everyone, I’m Eleri and I am the Chair of Cardiff JLD. Next week (18-24 May), is Mental Health Awareness Week, and it may be more significant than ever before given the current global circumstances. This year’s theme is “kindness.”

On Monday we are hosting “Be mindful for a moment: refresh during Mental Health Awareness Week” with LawCare and Legal News (see here), during which we will have a coffee and a catch up to share our lockdown thoughts and worries, followed by a short mindfulness session with Mary Jackson of LawCare.

In keeping with the theme of kindness, throughout this week, you will see on our blog how some of the committee have been kind to themselves and to others during this strange time.

As I am currently furloughed, I have been using this time to be creative by painting art, making home improvements and gardening. I also attended an online doughnut-making workshop last weekend with my cousins, all of us in different locations, which was challenging but great fun with delicious results! 

My neighbours and my family take turns in hosting a weekly quiz, as well as music bingo once a week. I try to take some time for myself each day to relax, and to make sure to connect with friends and family regularly. We might be in lockdown but my social calendar is busier than ever! 

Be kind,


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