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MHAW 2020: Abigail Salter

When lockdown was announced I quickly got into the routine of working from home, followed by a run and yoga. Three weeks later, I was furloughed. In addition to concerns about my training contract and financial worries, the prospect of unlimited time lacking structure and purpose was intimidating. During the first week of furlough my screen time substantially increased. Without my usual sense of purpose and achievement, I felt miserable and my mental health was suffering.

By week two a friend advised me to write a daily and weekly ‘To Do’ list, which encouraged me to structure my day and I found a satisfying sense of achievement in ticking off even small activities.

Since then I have set myself daily activities. I run or walk in the morning and practice yoga in the afternoon. I set aside time each day to read blogs and webinars on the area of law I work in and I have found sticking to a routine of waking up and going to bed at my usual time makes me feel happier. The Open University has a variety of free online courses and Learn Welsh also have free online units, which have re-introduced me to the language.

I have found that scheduling a daily call with friends or family has helped me feel connected. Setting up a book club with friends has provided an easy platform to discuss topics not related to Coronavirus and encourages regular social interaction. I have loved sending cards and packages of care to friends, and a phone call or a message goes a long way.


Abigail Salter

Events Officer


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