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MHAW 2020: Emily Voisin

Lockdown has been a roller coaster for me so far. I qualified part way through (yay!), but it also meant the end of my training contract, and I hadn’t secured a NQ role unfortunately. So at day 51 of official lockdown, as I’m writing this, I’ve been out of a job for almost 4 weeks.

4 weeks in however, and I’ve managed to create a pretty good routine and purpose for myself. It’s challenging to stay motivated when you feel your main ‘task’ (that being work) has suddenly disappeared; but I’ve been meditating and doing yoga everyday, and I’m feeling increasingly more connected to everything with each practice.

As well as this though, my partner and I have been working on our own venture, a wellbeing organisation targetted at businesses. I initially wanted to learn Japanese, but that’s taken a bit of a side step as NowPlay takes daily priority. Turns out creating your own role can be pretty good for you.

I guess my main takeaway so far is that finding your own way takes time, but is so rewarding when you feel you’re getting there.

Emily Voisin

Head of Social Media



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