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MHAW 2020: Rhys Langley

Being kind to myself during lockdown has not only involved plenty of online shopping but also maintaining my mental and physical wellbeing.

I am very much into my fitness. Before the lockdown, I was making good progress in the gym and I had fully intended to get back into practicing gymnastics. It was therefore a bit of a shock to the system when Boris closed the gyms and there is no denying that a sense of anxiety initially took over. However, I have become more innovative with my exercise regime and fully embraced home-workouts.

I was staying with my parents in Devon for the first six weeks of the lockdown, which meant that I was able to enjoy some very long runs and walks along the Jurassic Coast.

Having returned to Cardiff, in order to move house, I am now exploring Cardiff Bay and I have been on a few bike rides.

Exercising and getting out as much as possible (whilst adhering to the rules), especially on the sunny days, has helped me stay positive, keep busy and develop a healthy routine.

A few of my colleagues have stated that they are booking spa days once we make it through the covid-19 pandemic, in order to get back to themselves.

Being kind to yourself and self-care does not have to stop during lockdown!

There was the temptation at the start of the lockdown to let myself go a bit but then I realised that the situation could go on for a while. Maintaining a semblance of self during the pandemic has helped focus some of many energies- feeling good in yourself definitely helps you stay positive.

Unfortunately, my hair has not survived the pandemic- there is no denying that my blonde quiff has grown to the point that I look like a certain Hanna-Barbera cartoon character.

Keeping myself preoccupied, entertained and connected during lockdown has been very important for maintaining my mental health.

I am fairly outgoing (probably too much so on occasion) and enjoy interacting with people. Being unable to see my family, friends and colleagues has not been pleasant. There have been days where a sense of loneliness has crept in. Social distancing (whilst necessary at present) is most definitely not for me- nearly two months into lockdown and I am still adjusting.

I have maintained relationships with many different people over the years. Consequently, I have friends who live all over the UK and some in other countries, so I am reasonably okay at keeping in contact with people.

During this lockdown, I have reached out and spoken with people, who I have not caught up with for a long while. I've also done my best to ring my Gran regularly and check in on my friends who I know need support.

There have been days when my friends have admitted that they are struggling or are feeling down about the current situation and I have done likewise- I am not one for platitudes or clichés but we really are all in this together! Be kind to yourself and to others! #MHAW

NB. Disney+ is filled with uplifting content!!!


Rhys Langley

Diversity and Inclusion Officer


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