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Stress Awareness Day 2023

Our Wellbeing and D&I Officer Lana Quinlan speaks on #StressAwarenessDay 2023:

Stress is a huge part of health as a whole, although stress can seem like something minor it is often a huge factor in people’s lives and can have a large number of consequences. Within most careers and paths today stress is hugely prominent, as a law student in university I am constantly battling stress, the stress of achieving, the stress of keeping both academic and social and the stress of just learning to live alone and become your own person. Since facing meningitis last year I have struggled much more with stress and coping as all stress exentuates every one of my after effects.

Through the past year I have learnt stress is natural and instead of letting it pile up and worsen over time you need to take time to allow yourself to relax and overcome situations, you can’t cope with doing everything at every moment of every day and that’s ok. It’s important to give time and space for yourself to enjoy your time and therefore making all the other activities less stressful. You don’t need to commit to everything every time and it’s ok to say no to plans when you’re already over worked.

I always find I’m a very outdoorsy person and so just going on a wander with no real intention or going to see my pets and horse always eased my stress incredibly. Or even just lying and binging Netflix it may not be productive and you can see it as lazy but sometimes a lazy day is needed to allow the productive days to be at their best.

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