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The Committee

Abigail Salter Jones.jfif

Abigail Salter-Jones


Hannah Newberry.JPG

Hannah Rhianne Newberry 
Vice Chair and Secretary


Will Tinkler 
Junior Vice Chair and Treasurer

Lily Berryman.jfif

Lily Berryman
Head of Media

Daniel Onafuwa.JPG

Daniel Onafuwa
Head of Pro Bono, Events, and Media Officer 

Johanna Little 
Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Amy Lewis.JPG

Amy Lewis 
Events and Media Officer

IM Charlotte Werner 105.jpg

Charlotte Werner
Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Conor Massey
Events Officer

Meryl Hanmer.jpeg

Meryl Hanmer 
Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Robert Thomas.jpg

Robert Thomas
Events Officer

Emily Davis.JPG

Emily Davies 
Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Sarah Jayne Griffiths
Events Officer

Thomas Jenkins
Events Officer 

Emma Taylor
Events Officer and Watkins and Gunn Firm Representative 

Sophie Azzopardi
Events and Media Officer

Aisling Beevers
Events Officer and Capital Law Firm Representative 

Margaret Sousa-Lima 
Pro Bono Officer and Cardiff County Council Representative 

Freya Smith.JPG

Sophie Nicol
Events Officer 

Freya Smith
Media Officer and Student Representative

B Tapper.jpg

Bethan Tapper
Pro Bono and Education Officer 

Keighley Smith 
Wellbeing Officer 

emily herrod.JPG

Emily Herrod
Wellbeing Officer 

Tom MacSwayne
Hugh James Firm Representative

Dominic Evans 
Bar Liaison Officer

Elin Short
Media Officer 

Esther Ifan
Welsh Language Officer 

Angharad Phillips
Former Chair and Hugh James Firm Representative 

Abby - Lee Rees 
NWSSP Legal and Risk

Megan Rogers 
Watkins and Gunn Firm Representative 

Morgan Young
Arc Legal Group Representative

Megan O'Sullivan 
Ince Firm Representative
Claudia Hobbs 
Howells Firm Representative
Adele Richards 
Hugh James Firm Representative
Zoe Fletcher
JCP Solicitors Firm Representative
Robert Slade 
HCB Firm Representative
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